From October 17 to 19 (local time), the Solar & Storage Live—the largest renewable energy exhibition in the UK was held at the International Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. Solargiga Energy participated in the exhibition with two Giga series all-black modules, which were displayed on the same stage as photovoltaic companies from around the world.

展会速递 | 阳光能源携Giga系列全黑组件登陆伯明翰!探索驱动英国能源转型之路

With its theme focused on solar energy and energy storage technology innovation and product applications, the Solar & Storage Live UK 2023 attracted over 400 exhibitors and tens of thousands of professional visitors. To meet the growing demand in the UK rooftop PV market, Solargiga Energy brought two modules to this exhibition: one was an N-type TOPCon 60-cell single-glass module, and the other was a P-type PERC 54-cell single-glass module. Both modules were based on 182-mm silicon wafers and featured an all-black exterior design that seamlessly integrates photovoltaics with building aesthetics. Additionally, these products exhibited excellent temperature coefficients and low-light response capabilities, making them suitable for various high-end residential applications.

In recent years, the installed photovoltaic capacity in the UK has been continuously increasing, providing a significant growth potential for the application demand of PV modules in the market. From the perspective of the supply of PV modules, the UK market is heavily dependent on imports, which creates opportunities for Chinese module brands to enter the UK market. Solargiga Energy has mature experience and achievements in technology accumulation and quality management. In the future, Solargiga Energy will continue to innovate, providing better solutions and a full range of considerate services to customers in the UK and even globally.