P-Type Products

Sustainable for all, all for sustainability.

Solargiga upgrades technology constantly, invests about 5% of its operating revenue in R&D and innovation every year on average, and drives future development through innovation.

Technology Highlights

High Efficiency, High Generation

Based on advanced wafer, the current collection capability is more uniform. Half-cell design reduces internal current and internal loss and improves output of module power.

Excellent Anti-PID Performance

All products have excellent anti-PID performance to ensure module's stable power output.

Premier Solutions for Various Application Scenarios

M6/M10/G12 mono or bifacial cells enable lower BOS cost and reduce LCOE.

Strong Mechanical Load Capacity

Withstand snow pressure up to 5,400 Pa on the front face and wind pressure up to 2,400 Pa on the rear face.

Application Scenarios


Customizable · Chic

Commercial & Industrial

Reliable · Cost-effective


Powerful · Efficient