Solargiga Energy Attended the Jinan Conference with Giga-N Series Product Matrix

The 19th China (Jinan) International Solar Energy Utilization Conference was held from February 29 to March 2 at the Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center. Solargiga Energy exhibited six GIGA series modules at Booth ET08. The brand-new products applied in offshore PV projects exhibited by Solargiga Energy attracted many on-site visitors with innovative technologies.

In recent years, with the shortage of land for onshore PV and the rising cost, new offshore PV scenarios have come into people’s sight. The N-type TOPCon double-glass module applied in offshore PV projects exhibited by Solargiga Energy this time not only has the advantages of high efficiency and high power generation, but also strengthens the salt spray corrosion resistance-the material is comprehensively upgraded. This module adopts a customized anti-corrosion frame for offshore scenarios, and a special patented sealing scheme is adopted for the back junction box. It has passed the Level-8 salt spray test. In addition, this module also has excellent bearing capacity. The front static load can reach up to 6000 Pa and the back static load can reach up to 4000 Pa. Through a stricter dynamic load test of 1500 Pa, it can cope with extreme environments such as sea wind and waves to effectively ensure a stable income for end users.

At the exhibition, Solargiga Energy also exhibited a number of N-type innovative and efficient modules, including 191.6 rectangular silicon wafer modules and N-type HJT double-glass modules, which attracted wide attention from many industry insiders. In the future, Solargiga Energy will continue to increase investment in technological innovation and product R&D, and strive to provide customers with better products and services. Solargiga Energy will work hand in hand with more industry partners to contribute to the global energy transition.


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