A Breakthrough – The Sinotrans-operated China-Europe Train Made its Maiden Voyage at Jinzhou Port

On July 22nd, a China-Europe train leaving from Jinzhou, China, where Solargiga Energy’s headquarter is located, started off on a 25-day voyage to Duisburg, Germany, carrying 50 TEUs of Solargiga modules. Before arriving at its final destination, the Sinotrans-operated train will pass via Shenyang, China, and cross the border at Manzhouli Port, China. The newly developed train route, which is the first China-to-Europe one departing from Jinzhou, was created exclusively for Solargiga Energy. With a total mileage of 6,535, this move saves customers 50% in time and 18% in cost compared to sea shipping.

The China-Europe Train leaving Jinzhou Port


“Taking advantage of the worldwide trend of Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality, as well as the positive policy environment in China, Solargiga Energy has been making efforts to widen its business scope in overseas markets,” said Mr. Tan Xin, CEO of Solargiga Energy, at the maiden voyage ceremony of the train route. “By selling to over 17 countries and regions in Europe, Solargiga’s exporting revenue in the first half of 2022 shows a YoY gain of 117%. By the end of the year, our exporting revenues are anticipated to break the record,” Tan continued.

Maiden Voyage Ceremony of the Train Route

Mr. Tan Xin making the speech


The introduction of the new train route connecting Jinzhou, Shenyang, and Duisburg gave Solargiga Energy’s wide range of supply options to its clients around the world another boost. It is predicted that it will serve as one of the most significant carrying routes, assisting in Solargiga’s global expansion.


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