Exhibition Updates | Expanding the Australian market! Solargiga Energy Shined at the All-Energy Australia

Solargiga Energy Holdings Limited (“Solargiga Energy”) attended the All-Energy Australia at Booth X119 with three Giga series modules from October 25 to 26 (local time), demonstrating the brand influence of a professional module manufacturer.

The All-Energy Australia is the largest and most high-profile clean energy event in Australia, and it is also an influential clean and renewable energy event in the Asia-Pacific region.

During the exhibition, Solargiga Energy exhibited its two Giga-N series efficient modules to industry insiders around the world. The Giga-N series 72-cell double-glass module uses the TOPCon cell technology and the mass production conversion efficiency of the module can reach 22.65%, with stable performance, so they can meet the needs of large power station projects and other applications.

The other Giga-N series 54-cell module is of all-black design, featuring aesthetics and high efficiency. It has been widely used in high-end residences and other distributed PV generation scenarios. In addition, Solargiga Energy also exhibited one Giga-P series 54-cell module, and the module can meet the growing local demands for distributed applications.

The distributed PV industry in Australia is developing rapidly. Based on the data from Australia’s clean energy regulator REC Registry and the Bureau of Statistics, the cumulative installed capacity of rooftop PV systems in Australia has exceeded 20 GW in 2023. It is expected that half of households in Australia will use their own rooftop solar panels for power generation by 2040, creating business opportunities for Chinese enterprises to enter the PV market in Australia.

Australia has always been one of Solargiga Energy’s important overseas markets. In recent years, through the establishment of an office in Australia, Solargiga Energy has realized the in-depth layout of marketing network, based itself on the local area and served the local area, and quickly responded to customer needs. In the future, Solargiga Energy will continue to expand the Australian market and continuously empower customers with reliable products and considerate services, to promote the high-quality development of its overseas business.


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