Solargiga Energy Wins National Honorary Title of “National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise”

In November, the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) announced the results of the evaluation of national intellectual property advantage enterprises in 2023. Following strict evaluation, recommendation, and verification procedures, Solargiga Energy was honored as a “National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise”.

The National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise is defined as an enterprise that operates within the key industrial fields of national and municipal levels, has the capacity to undertake major and critical industrial development projects at the national and municipal levels, possesses independent intellectual property rights capability, actively engages in intellectual property protection and application, establishes a comprehensive intellectual property management system and mechanism, and exhibits comprehensive intellectual property strength. The honorary title represents one of the highest honors awarded by the state for the creation, application, protection, and management of intellectual property rights by enterprises.

Attaining the title signifies CNIPA’s authoritative recognition of Solargiga Energy’s independent intellectual property capabilities, exemplifying the company’s overall strength in core technology production and creation, product innovation, and intellectual property protection. Moving forward, Solargiga Energy remains committed to increasing investment in R&D, building and enhancing its independent intellectual property reserves, and striving to improve the quantity and quality of intellectual property. By doing so, Solargiga Energy aims to establish a competitive advantage in intellectual property, while making significant contributions to the advancement of the photovoltaic industry.


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