Global Footprint | Solargiga’s Giga Series PV Modules Made their Debut in the Greek Market

Florina, Greece, December 8, 2023 – Recently, a cargo ship with a total length of about 400 m, the world’s largest container ship, successfully arrived at the port of Greece after sailing across the ocean by 15,000 km. Solargiga Energy Holdings Limited (“Solargiga”) departed from Asia with its Giga series modules on this giant ship. At present, this batch of modules totaling 4.9 MW has been delivered to the customer as scheduled and started to be installed.

Nothing to be afraid
The project is located in Florina, Greece, one of the coldest human settlements in the country. In Florina, the temperature usually drops below -10°C and snow is more common than in other countries and regions. If it does not snow, the city of Florina is also usually covered in a thick fog trapped by the surrounding mountains. This mountainous and island country is full of diverse microclimates.

Different climatic conditions pose a higher challenge to the performance of PV modules. The Giga series 545 W double-glass modules provided by Solargiga for Smile Energy are tested according to 5-10 times IEC standards and have passed the IEC61701 (salt spray corrosion test). They have excellent bearing capacity, and can withstand 5,400 Pa snow pressure on the front side and 2,400 Pa wind pressure on the back side, so they can meet the local climate requirements.

Nothing is impossible
The team of Smile Energy has been active in the field of renewable energy sources since 2005. While developing the spirit of innovation Smile Energy has achieved many milestones in the field of energy. It is a distribution partner recognized and authorized by Solargiga Energy. Up to now, Smile Energy has developed more than 700 MW of projects (including projects under development) and has mature project development experience.

This time is Solargiga’s Giga series modules made their debut in Greece. To ensure that the customer can start installation on schedule, Solargiga coordinated the inventory and logistics response with the full cooperation of all departments, and finally adopted the direct ship mode to deliver the goods to the port as scheduled, which finally lived up to the customer’s choice of crossing 15,000 km.

In addition, to ensure the smooth installation of the power station project, Solargiga has assigned special personnel to provide the most thoughtful service for Smile Energy, including answering questions throughout the process and providing professional installation guidance and suggestions, which has been highly recognized by the customer.

Nothing can stop
In recent years, Greece has actively promoted solar power generation. As one of the most promising solar power markets in Southern Europe, Greece joined the GW clubs in Spain, Germany, Poland, Netherlands and France last year, adding 1.34 GW of solar capacity in 2022 alone to now total 5.5 GW. Stelios Psomas, the policy advisor of HELAPCO, said that all indicators, including installed capacity, capacity to be applied for, investment or jobs, pointed to a peak. At present, Solargiga has established a stable marketing customer base in Greece and can handle customer needs quickly.

As we navigate the dynamic road ahead for a global energy transformation, our pragmatic approach is infused with hope. By using the power of solar energy, we can address the urgent challenges posed by climate change and create sustainable world.

About Solargiga
Founded in 2000, Solargiga Energy is a well-known photovoltaic company. Listed in HKEX in 2008 (00757.HK), Solargiga Energy integrates R&D, production, sales&marketing and system application of PV modules.

We employ more than 3,000 staff worldwide and have production bases in Jinzhou (Liaoning), Yancheng (Jiangsu). Our Marketing&Operation Center located in Suzhou (Jiangsu),and set up Beijing Office. Our business footprint covers major PV markets around the globe. We are committed to providing global customers with high-quality PV products, technical support, after-sales services&solutions, and promoting the development of the clean energy industry.


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