Global Footprint | Solargiga Energy 405W panels were shipped to Australia to power a 4.95MW heart-shaped solar farm

Here’s Mypolonga, a town in South Australia along the river Murray, and a place where an amazing solar farm featuring a botanic heart is located.

On August 22, Green Gold Energy, who is the project owner of the Kerta Solar Farm, announced the completion of the installation of this 4.95MW project in Mypolonga, SA. The solar farm, also named as “love-heart” project, was commenced on 26 April 2022. The sizable heart-shaped thicket in the middle makes it worthy of the name and clearly identifiable from the air.

Mypolonga, which is about an hour’s drive from Adelaide, is an agricultural town with more than 450 residents. By the time it is commissioned in September of this year, the Kerta Solar Farm, which uses more than 12,000 pieces of 405W bifacial panels from Solargiga Energy, will be able to supply over 1,300 households with appr. 9,303 MWh of electricity annually, covering the entire town’s electricity needs while saving about 9,000 tons of CO2 emissions.

With installed solar capacity ranked eighth globally, according to BNEF, Australia is one of the most promising markets and is forging ahead in the world of new energy to make its own contribution to carbon neutrality by 2050. The Kerta Solar Farm is seen as the turning point in our march into the Australian market, together with another solar farm in Port Augusta that will be finished with our 400W modules. Solargiga Energy offers customers professional guidance, fast Q&A services, and advice on the solar farm’s ongoing maintenance in order to ensure a successful carrying-out of the installation. Customer needs are constantly prioritized by Solargiga Energy.

Solargiga Energy is actively expanding business in Europe, North America, Australia, and South America while anchoring in the Asian market by virtue of its stable developing pace and industry-leading order fulfillment capability. By delivering our products and services in a world-wide range, Solargiga Energy is echoing the shared calling for a cleaner and better world.


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