Show Express | IGEM 2022 – Solargiga Energy joins the race towards Net Zero in Southeast Asia

Kuala Lumpur(MY), October 14th 2022 – At the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, the 2022 International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia (IGEM 2022) got under way on October 12. At the major expo for PV industry in Malaysia, Solargiga Energy Holdings Limited made its debut and displayed its top-selling modules for the market.

For the occasion, Solargiga Energy delivered its newest high-performance module products in order to meet the growing needs of the regional energy market and policy. The 210PERC Double-glass 66PCS module and the 182 Double-glass Half-cell 72PCS module have triggered heated discussion at the booth.


210PERC Double-glass 66PCS module

Powering up to 670W, the 210PERC Double-glass 66PCS module adopts a multi-busbar design and G12 wafer, offering 5%-25% additional power generation from the backside. A 12-year product warranty and a 30-year power warranty are guaranteed.

182 Double-glass Half-cell 72PCS module

Powering up to 560W, The 182 Double-glass Half-cell 72PCS module adopts M10 wafer and is especially designed for power stations, featuring 5-10 times IEC criteria and excellent anti-PID performance. BOS and LCOE are lowered effectively.

In Malaysia, there is tremendous room for growth in PV power generation. In Southeast Asia, Malaysia lies in the central location, with 4.21 to 5.56 kWh of sunshine falling on each square meter averagely. In the recent years, the Malaysian government has gradually put into place a number of policies to assist energy transformation. Power generated by renewable energy is anticipated to account for 31% of all by 2025 and 40% by 2035. PV power generation is becoming the primary factor contributing to Malaysia’s energy transformation.

The Asian market is Solargiga Energy’s main front of its solar business. Leveraging its strong infrastructure in China, the company has continued to develop the emerging markets abroad such as Malaysia. Through its debut with dedicated products in this event, Solargiga Energy has attracted a group of potential customers and further expanded the Asian market.

Following more than 20 years of development, Solargiga Energy has established a “vertically integrated” production capacity from silicon material processing to ingot, wafer, module production and PV application. Solargiga Energy is committed to providing global customers with premium PV products and advancing the growth of the clean energy sector by dedicating to innovation, excellent service, and integrated industry chain.


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