Show Express | March into the Southern Hemisphere – Solargiga Energy at All-Energy Australia 2022

Melbourne (AU), October 27th 2022 – On October 27th , the 2022 All-Energy Australia was held in Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center. After two years of holding back by the pandemic, the re-opened event has received a full house of attendance on the first day. Solargiga Energy, who regards Australia as one of its most important markets in the southern hemisphere, made its debut at the grand occasion showcasing its specific modules catering to the country’s distributed business and emerging BIPV demands.

Over the past two decades, Solargiga Energy has been advocated to R&D of modules and optimizing of manufacturing process. Solargiga Energy made its debut at the event by bringing along its specific modules for the Australian energy market. The 182 PERC Bifacial Half-cut 55PCS module and the 182 N-TOPCon 54PCS module for industrial&commercial roofs and the IBC module for villa roofs have all drawn a lot of attention.

The 182 PERC Bifacial Half-cut 55PCS module was built-in with the multi-busbar technology to significantly improve cell efficiency, while the half-cut design lowers internal current heat loss and increases power output. On the show, the company also introduced the freshly represented 182 N-TOPCon 54PCS module, which evidently incorporates the trend-hitting N-type TOPCon cell technology, enabling excellent electrical characteristics and better performance under low light condition. What’s noteworthy is that the annual degradation of Solargiga Energy’s N-type products is less than 1% for the first year, and the power output maintains 87.40% of the original after 30 years of service. The all-black design of the IBC module can be an extra credit to building facades when it’s installed.

Australia’s PV industry is seeing rapid growth as one of the nations with the world’s most thriving PV markets. The local market has experienced considerable growth as a result of the federal government’s launch of the National Energy Guarantee. According to the PV Infolink forecast, Australia’s expected installed solar capacity might reach 5.5 GW by the end of the year, placing it fifth in the world.

Following 22 years of consistent growth, Solargiga Energy is motivated to benefit its clients with trustworthy products, customer-oriented service, and constant innovation. By its debut at All-Energy Australia this year, Solargiga Energy officially announces its marching into the regional market.


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