Show Express | “N”ew Start 2023 – Solargiga Energy at GENERA

The Energy and Environment International Trade Fair Spain, also known as GENERA, is the most renowned and prominent exhibition in the renewable energy sector in Spain. Solargiga Energy Holdings Limited (“Solargiga Energy”) debuted its brand-new N-TOPCon x P-PERC product matrix today at GENERA to showcase its most recent innovation and PV module solutions to the targeted market.

Located in the south of Europe, Spain is one of the regions with the finest light conditions on the continent, which suggests that it offers countless opportunities for the growth of the PV industry. According to the figures from Bloomberg, Spain ranked second around Europe in installed solar capacity in 2022 with a total of 7.5GW.

Thanks to the solid N-TOPCon technology advantage and well-recognized manufacturing expertise, Solargiga Energy showcased its cutting-edge N-Type module solutions at booth 10H38, catering to the emerging demands of distributed generation in Spain. By enabling higher conversion, higher power, higher back-side yield, and lower degradation, the 210 PERC 66PCS HALF-CUT 670W BIFACIAL MODULE and the 182 N-TOPCON 72PCS HALF-CUT 585W BIFACIAL MODULE quadrupled their attention. They are aimed for providing end customers with higher cost-effectiveness. The 182 N-TOPCON 54PCS HALF-CUT 425W MODULE, which is also a focal point at the booth by its all-black exterior, offers another option to customers who are looking for a charming item for upscale residences. Along with a wide selection of products, Solargiga Energy also provides multifaceted, customizable services that are available at any time during the order fulfillment process. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Solargiga Energy aims to expand alongside the global PV market. With the acceleration of its globalization and N-type technology advancement, Solargiga Energy will place an even greater emphasis on its partnerships with customers around the world while simultaneously developing a more innovative, competitive, and influential PV product system to establish itself as a most dependable global business partner.


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