Show Express | Collaborating with CCB Europe, Solargiga Energy continues its triumph at Solar Energy Expo 2022

Warsaw(PL), 25th May 2022 – Joining hands with China Construction Bank (Europe) Warsaw Branch, Solargiga Energy Holdings Limited (“Solargiga Energy”) continues its triumph at Solar Energy Expo 2022, which is held from 25th to 26th May at Ptak Warsaw Expo, showcasing its high-performance product matrix.

According to the Polish government, over 8100MW worth of solar energy capacity had been installed in Poland by the end of 2021, representing a striking but perceptibly year-on-year increase of 97.5%. Following the market trend, relative government sections in the EU and Poland continue their efforts in providing subsidies for the industry in 2022, especially for distributed household projects. In the meanwhile, with an increasingly strict pricing rule of carbon in the EU, the electricity cost in Poland has so far climbed up by 60%, quintupling that in the year before the Covid-19 began. Without surprise, solar energy is becoming a hit subject in Poland.

In the progress of expanding a global footprint, Solargiga Energy never stops its rooting in Europe. Figures show that Solargiga Energy ships annually over 500MW worth of solar energy capacity to Europe. With the gradually deepened strategic deployment into the market, an increased market share is within reach.

During the Solar Energy Expo this year, Solargiga Energy showcased its eye-catching high-performance module solutions, featuring high power, high efficiency, and high yield. As a world-famous PV products manufacturer, Solargiga Energy demonstrated its cutting-edge technologies to industry peers from Poland and Europe.

210N HJT Half-cell Module

This module powers up to 705W with a record-breaking efficiency of 23.02%. G12 wafer adopted and HJT cell technology employed in a combination of years of polishing of N-type technology to ensure product stability. The product is the best choice for power stations.

210N TOPCon Half-cell Module

This module is designed into 66 pieces with a maximum power of 695W and module efficiency of 22.70%. G12 wafer adopted and TOPCon cell technology employed for an optimized temperature coefficient, excellent generating performance under high temperature, and higher yield. A superior choice for a well-developed market.
210PERC Double-glass Half-cell 66PCS Module

Powering up to 670W, this module adopts a multi-busbar design and G12 wafer, offering 5%-25% additional power generation from the backside. A 12-year product warranty and a 30-year power warranty are guaranteed.

182 Double-glass Half-cell 72PCS Module

Powering up to 560W, this module adopts M10 wafer and is designed for power stations, featuring 5-10 times IEC criteria and excellent anti-PID performance. BOS and LCOE are lowered effectively.

182PERC All-black Half-cell Module

Designed into 54 pieces, this module is a wise choice for distribution business and industrial&commercial roofs. The all-black exterior is in line with architectural aesthetics. This module powers up to 410W and is adaptable to 600V systems. It is also worth mentioning that Solargiga Energy also offers a series of solutions for BIPV business, catering to the increasing demands of distribution business in Poland.

With the continues progressing of energy transition worldwide, Solargiga Energy carries forward its commitment to providing high-quality products and services for global customers and impulsing the global energy revolution.


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