Show Express | Intersolar Europe 2022 – Solargiga Energy joins hands for an advanced industry future

Munich(DE), May 11th 2022 – The world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry – Intersolar Europe – kicks off today at Messe München in Germany. Solargiga Energy Holdings Limited (“Solargiga Energy”), a photovoltaic industry chain manufacturer, presents its brand-new PV module matrix at the affair to customers coming from all over the world.

In addition to being one of the earliest suppliers of mono-crystalline products in China, Solargiga Energy has now entered the top league of PV industry chain manufacturers by investing in innovation over the past two decades. Five full-featured module solutions of the company are showcased this time including 210N HJT Single-glass Half-cell module, 210N TOPCon Single-glass Half-cell module, 210PERC Double-glass 66PCS module, 182 Double-glass Half-cell 72PCS module, and 182PERC All-black Single-glass Half-cell module.

Solargiga Energy provides a comprehensive product portfolio to meet the needs of utilization in power stations, distributed residential use, and industrial&commercial roofs. By presenting at Intersolar Europe this year, the company emphasizes its R&D capability and its commitment to maximizing the output of power stations while saving BOS and LCOE, adhering extra value to the well-developed German market and other European markets around. The company’s production capability keeps in steady growth. The capability of wafer clinched 7GW and that of module clinched 8.7GW in 2021. 15.7GW of module is scheduled by the end of 2022. Solargiga Energy has been investing in optimizing customer resources and has expanded its marketing footprint worldwide. Solid business relationships have been achieved between the company and customers in Germany, France, and the UK.

Solargiga Energy integrates research&development, production, sales&marketing and application, and has established a “vertically integrated” production capacity from silicon material processing to ingot, wafer and module production. The company has been cultivating the European market, especially the German market, and is committed to impulsing the marching of the global energy industry by offering optimized service, a thorough industry chain, as well as high-performance PV products.


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