Show Express | Solargiga at World Smart Energy Week Tokyo 2022

Tokyo(JP), March 18th 2022 – Solargiga Energy Holdings Limited (“Solargiga”), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mono-crystalline photovoltaic product portfolio, was presented at World Smart Energy Week showcasing its brand-new PV module matrix.

The World Smart Energy Week is the biggest annual exhibition in Japan and east-Asia specialized in all about renewable energy. It is regarded as one of the bellwethers of the industry development. This year, the affair took place from March 16th to 18th at Tokyo Big Sight.

As one of the main markets in PV industry across the world, the Japanese market is now a ‘hot cake’ in the eyes of global PV enterprises by virtue of its stable developing rapidity and market demand of new energy products. Solargiga entered the Japanese market in 2013 and has witnessed its growing into a developed and strong market.

At the show, Solargiga showcased several modules for the needs of large-scale power station and residential projects. 210N HJT single-glass half-cut module, 210N TOPCON single-glass half-cut module, 210PERC double-glass half-cut 66 pieces module, 182 double-glass half-cut 72 pieces module, and 182PERC single-glass all-black half-cut module were highlighted at the booth. Among which, the flagship 210N HJT single-glass half-cut module is characterized with up to 705W maximum power and a record-breaking efficiency of 23.02%. Test-proved under 5-10 times IEC criteria and equipped with excellent PID-free capability, this module will be a powerful boost into the Japanese market. The 210N TOPCON single-glass half-cut module, which is designed into 66 pieces and characterized with up to 695W, is also a great choice for a well-developed market. 12-year warranty and 30-year generating efficiency are guaranteed for this module.

For years Solargiga has been cultivating the Japanese market and is honored to serve as the biggest module supplier of SHARP by supplying over 4.5GW modules over the past 9 years. The company’s product design and quality control have been constantly optimized under the guidance of SHARP’s certifying criteria. By staging in the World Smart Energy Week, Solargiga demonstrated its solid company strength and its ongoing effort to provide premium products and service to customers, and to contribute to the global development of energy industry.


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